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New Cityville Tool - v 2.0

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Pubblicato Martedì, 06 Dicembre 2011 Scritto da Super User
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L'articolo è disponibile anche in italiano cliccando qui!

Cityville Tool is a completely legal application that allows you to obtain plenty of items that you need in your Cityville town FOR FREE! The application will surf the web for you, searching for rewards like Permits Licenses, Energy, Gold and Goods and any other reward you can obtain on Cityville.

Once the right links are found, the application will open new tabs on your web browser so that you can obtain the rewards. You can also choose in the settings tab the number of opened tabs per minute.

Cityville Tool is really easy to use.
First thing you have to login into your facebook account on the predefined web browser.

Then you have to download Cityville Tool by clicking here.

There are different versions available, for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X (any) or any other Linux distribution.

Once you have downloaded the tool, you have to run it. The application will look like this:
By clicking the "Settings..." button you can select your preferred language (between English, Italian, French and German) and the count of rewards you want to obtain per minute.
Once you have selected your preferred settings, you can immediately starting obtaining your rewards by clicking the "Start" button.
When you want the program to stop you can click the "Stop" button or simply close it(really simple, isn't it? ).

Visit our website every day for new updates and.... spread the message to all your Cityville neighbors!!
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